Our Networked Solutions offer communication via

EtherNet/IP with CIP Safety   or   PROFINET with PROFIsafe



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The highly configurable design of the networked product range allows us to piece together elements such as button controls, integrated safe I/O (such as emergency stops, guard locking, and key monitoring), mechanical componentry such as mechanical personnel keys, as well as connectors for external and distributed I/O. The three main device types are interlocks, operator control devices, and safety I/O modules.



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Hardwired vs. EtherNet Connection – PROFIsafe & CIP Safety

PROFINET/PROFIsafe y EtherNet/IP con CIP Safety - Dispositivos de seguridad

¿Cuáles son las ventajas de la comunicación en en reda través de PROFINET o EtherNet/IP con respecto al tiempo y al coste de instalación de su sistema de seguridad?

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