Reduce Installation Time & Costs with Robust Mounting Solutions



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How easy is it to install a Heavy Duty Interlock?


Easy Installation


Installing products to guarding can be laborious and time consuming. Reduce installation time and costs with the heavy duty mounting plate range designed for maximum robustness to safeguard your hazardous space and just two fixings per plate.


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Mounting Plates to Reduce Installation




Mounting solutions come in a range of lengths for a variety of configurations and are designed for easy and simple fitting to machine guarding.


Plates are die cast aluminium and are suitable for both hinged and sliding guards.


Plates can be pre-fitted to your interlock/actuator when ordered together, or ordered separately if required.



Reduce Installation Time and Costs



Actuator Mounting Options











Reduce Electrical Installation with Pre-wiring





The heavy duty range can be wired to a variety of M12 and M23 connectors to accommodate customer specifications. M12 solutions are offered in 5,8,10, and 12 pin, and M23 connectors in 12 or 19 pin. Pre-wiring your interlock can shave significant time off of the electrical system integration, turning a time consuming wiring task into plug and play for a fraction of the cost.





Connector options to reduce installation time




Electrical installation time and componentry can be significantly reduced for interlocking systems with the use of networked technology such as EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. A market trends towards this technology in the manufacturing and automation sector has dramatically increased capability at the point of operation, from integrated button controls, emergency stop, and distributed I/O to external safe and non-safe devices such as light curtains, sensors, indicator lights, and enabling switches. All of this on a single M12 industrial data cable.



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