Operator Controls – Buttons, Lamps and Estops



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“How can I Integrate Machine Controls into my Interlock?”






It’s Easy.


And did you know it doesn’t need to be integrated into an interlock? Operator controls can be designed as standalone devices or integrated into a gate access solution.


Our customisable solutions offer cabled connection to an interlock, external devices, as well as networked connection with PROFIsafe or CIP safety. 









Operator Controls Components





Emergency Stops



One Emergency Stop can be fitted into any assembly and comes in four types. Each Estop comes with dual channel safety, with optional extra I/O. Standard Option ‘ET’ is a twist to reset emergency stop. Press to actuate, twist to reset. The ‘EP’ is a ‘pull to reset’ Estop. The ‘EI’ is a twist to reset estop with illumination. The ‘EM’ is a twist to reset estop with monitoring.



Emergency Stops







Manual Reset



IEC 60204-1:2016 and NFPA 79 2018 state that for resets, Blue, White, Grey or Black shall be used except when they also act as a stop or off button, in which case they shall be Red. Based on this guidance, we recommend Blue as the colour for Manual Reset.


(Manual Reset is described in BS EN ISO 13849-1 as ‘[a] function within the SRP/CS used to restore manually one or more safety functions before re-starting a machine)








Push Buttons, Lamps, Selector Switches, and Key Switches



Push Buttons







Key Switches and Selectors


2E (Latching selector switch, two positions, 90 degree rotation clockwise)   |   2F (Momentary (sprung return) selector switch, two positions, 90 degree rotation clockwise)   |   2V (Latching selector Switch moves from 10 to 2 (looking at a clock face), two positions, clockwise   |   K5 (Latching Key Selector Switch, two positions, 90 degree rotation clockwise)






Instantly Identify your Control Elements




Buttons and Lamps can be engraved on the front surface with text up to two lines of 8 characters in full capitals (e.g. REQUEST TO ENTER). Selector and Key Switches can be engraved on the silver ring around the edge at the desired position (e.g. if the selector switch rotates 90 degrees clockwise, it can be engraved at that position).



Engravings on Controls



reset Engraving




Symbols can also be engraved onto our control elements for instant indication of operation.



Button Symbol


📙    IEC 60204-1:2016 Guidance on Engravings for Push Button Actuators   📙

📙    NFPA 79 Guidance on Engravings for Push Button Actuators   📙










What type of environment are you looking to integrate operator controls?






➡️   Clean Manufacturing Solutions  ⬅️



➡️   Heavy Duty or Dusty Environments  ⬅️




➡️   Industry 4.0 Connectivity via PROFINET/PROFIsafe or EtherNet/IP CIP Safety  ⬅️









Operator Controls for Clean Manufacturing Environments





In warehouse automation or ‘clean’ manufacturing environments such as palletisers, conveyors, and logistics, our range of medium-duty operator controls are best suited. The medium duty range is by no means ‘low strength’. The metal alloy enclosure guarantees longevity and continued operation in frequent use applications.



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Operator Controls for Medium Duty Environments




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Operator Controls for Heavy Duty Applications






Operator controls can be integrated into heavy duty interlocks, or act as standalone devices in dusty and harsh industrial environments. The standalone option pod, can be hardwired to a range of M12 and M23 disconnects or be networked for direct connection via PROFINET or EtherNet/IP.




Heavy duty solutions have been used in applications from the Food and Beverage Industry, where regular wash downs up to IP65 are required, in the Metal processing and Wood, Paper, Pulp facilities where operation continues despite harsh conditions from by products such as paper dust, metal flyings, and grease, and in the automotive industry where robustness is paramount operating around heavy machinery performing tasks such as welding.





Heavy Duty Button Controls




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