Metal Shearing – Sheet Metal Material Removal



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⚠    Where multiple operators are entering a safeguarded space, it is crucial to protect each of them against unexpected restart. Our interlocking devices offer mechanical protection for up to five operators with a mechanical safety key. The safety key is pocketed upon entry and mechanically prevents machine restart.




🗜️   Fluid power is often overlooked when designing a safeguarding solution, however to achieve a Cat.4 PLe system, all components within that system must meet the same level of functional safety. What happens if a hydraulic system fails during access to the metal shearing machine? To learn more about monitored safety valves, click here!




🔌   Network communication on devices using CIP safety or PROFIsafe can offer huge savings on installation time, costs, and complexity. Control elements such as a request to enter, manual reset or emergency stop can be integrated with no additional hardwiring required alongside the interlocking solution. Learn more about Networked Interlocks here!




🎛️   Does your system require complex I/O inside the safeguarded area?  Custom I/O modules can be created bespoke for applications to combine both safe and non-safe elements into a single device. Learn more about custom I/O modules here!







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