Interlocks control when you can access equipment safely, FRANK controls who can access equipment safely

By incorporating readers to suit the existing site RFID access cards into a Fortress device and providing a software-based access approval control system; FRANK can be integrated into automation systems with simple input/outputs to a PLC.

Data of who, when, where and what from access events is collated to a central point within facilities to allow for viewable events lists and data insights that can support efficiency analysis.

Control access

  • Enable access to users with correct competencies
  • Manage user permissions
  • Integrate within an safety interlock solution

Manage productivity

  • Record user interactions
  • Enact efficient permission updates
  • Discover insights into Who, Where, When and What

Why use FRANK?

Unauthorised access to manufacturing areas can cause unnecessary machine downtime. Enforcing training plans reduces the risk to valuable equipment during maintenance and production tasks. However, access to manufacturing is often without formal controls allowing anyone to request to enter.

FRANK ensures locations are only accessed by authorised personnel, protecting uptime in manufacturing whilst utilizing existing ID cards.

Commercial RFID readers are often not robust enough for industrial environments, requiring additional wiring and interfaces between the IT network or extensive reprogramming of the PLC.

With the RFID reader integrated into the Fortress device, FRANK manages permissions through an industrial controller and then delivers simple inputs to the control system, just like a pushbutton. negating IT interfaces or complex system integration.

The FRANK software then logs all access events allowing reviews of time spent and enables productivity analysis. This can contribute to wider predictive maintenance. FRANK can also be used to monitor other environments such as inspection areas when an audit trail is desired. Simple inputs means that access to a HMI can be granted or inspections can be tracked by associating users with button presses.


Analyse Productivity and Identify Irregularities

Certain activities require frequent operator access to perform daily tasks and routine procedures. Access control technology allows specific user interaction, who, when, and where data to be recorded on a master controller. Where minimising downtime is critical to avoid financial losses, rather than specific user data, recording job function can play a even more important role. The presence of certain job functions such as maintenance engineers may not set off alarm bells if infrequent, but if certain access points receive more visits from maintenance personnel than others, this could highlight an issue which needs mitigation.

Track the hourly assessment of product batches through sample verification

Samples are to be taken on an hourly basis to ensure batches of material pass visual and textural analysis and in accordance to protocol. A record of sampling is taken as operators scan their badge and select ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ against a batch to confirm sampling results. This data is recorded against the master controller ready to support auditing procedures which require sampling frequency, and assessment accuracy.

Control access to a large automated area with multiple doors and existing safety system.

In addition, employees are permitted to record their entry through one door and exit through another door to the area. Once all employees have signaled they are outside the guarding, the FRANK system reports the area is empty to the PLC and the rest procedure can be undertaken.


Watch FRANK in action

FRANK systems can be retrofitted to any controller based networks. The FRANK architecture promotes an adaptable design which can suit a multitude of applications.

Watch our quick animation to learn more about this architecture and how FRANK could be the solution to your access control integration.

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