Unexpected Restart Prevention with Proactive Inhibit Functions



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Key Featues of the Safety Key for restart prevention


“How can you protect operators against unexpected restart of hazards?”




The Safety Key is a form of Proactive Inhibit Function, protecting operators against unexpected restart whilst performing Whole Body Access.




TUV Certification







>>> “What is a Proactive Inhibit Function?” <<<








How does the Safety Key prevent Unexpected Restart?”




(The Key must be unlocked or freed via controlled run-down or via the insertion of an access key)





1. The Forced Extraction Key is rotated such that the bow is vertical and the key must be removed for the first operator to enter



2. The Key for a second operator can be removed if required



3. The Actuator can be removed from the interlock to perform whole body access



4. Whilst either of these keys are removed, safety contacts within the interlock cannot be closed; preventing unexpected restart of the hazard.






How does the safety key work



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Why integrate prevention against Unexpected Restart into your interlock?




The Fortress Safety Key protects individuals with a physical in-hand object when accessing a hazard. Operators can have peace of mind by taking the safety key into a safeguarded space when performing whole body access.


There are multiple reasons a safeguarded space may require this proactive inhibit all of which affect the visibility of the safeguarded space.



Poor Lighting   |   Obstacles within the Safeguarded Space   |   By-products of processes (airborne dusts, mists, gases, flyings)










“What is the RFID Safety Key (RSK)?”




The RFID safety key uses RFID technology to assign up to 4,000,000,000 unique codes to physical keys.




RFID Safety Key to protect against unexpected restart


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Heavy Duty Safety Key Examples






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