Named after Osbourn Dorsey who invented the modern-day door handle and door stopper, the Osbourn range gives the peace of mind and proactive protection from unexpected start up that you’d expect from a Fortress safety key product and is designed to be easily retrofitted to an existing system or even added on to a light curtain.

The devices in our Osbourn range add safety key functionality to existing perimeter safeguards, protecting operators who work inside the safeguarded space from being trapped inside and from unexpected restart of the machine. Our Osbourn solutions are designed to be retrofitted on to existing systems which already have interlocks or light curtains installed without the need for any wiring or reprogramming.

Compatible with a wide range of light curtains and any interlocks on sliding or hinged doors, Osbourn devices have integrated mounting plates for simple mounting. As with all Fortress products, we use only the most robust materials and test all our products extensively to protect you and your colleagues.

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Key benefits

Robust stainless steel design

Easily retrofitted

Prevention of unexpected restart

  • Works alongside existing interlocks or light curtains to add a proactive means of preventing unexpected start-up
  • Cost efficient means of protecting operators working in whole body access applications
  • Integrated mounting plate makes installation simple and efficient
  • Padlock points to give exclusive control to additional people entering the area
  • Safety key must be removed before door can be opened reducing human error in forgetting the process
  • Stainless steel construction for use in a wide variety of environments
  • Stainless steel construction suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Tested with a mechanical life of 1,000,000 operations
  • Suitable for a variety of door and light curtain types with custom options available
  • Key codes are customisable and recorded to avoid on site duplication

A Fortress representative can help configure a solution to the exact requirements of an application. Engage us to work together on a project.

These exact requirements can usually be defined by submitting a scope or having a call with one of the Fortress team. Contact us to start the process.

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Light Curtain Blocking Device

Retrofittable devices for safety light curtains and photoelectric sensors