About Food and Beverage processing:



Harsh washdown procedures cause heavy wear on safety devices and eventual breakage. Such breakages cause costly amounts of downtime as the machine can no longer be safely accessed. Chemical and hot water washdown is the biggest challenge for industrial equipment so using heavy duty products is critical.


In the Food & Beverage industry, machines with dangerous moving parts can have long rundown times that could easily cause injury to personnel without the appropriate safeguarding and access control devices in place with devices approved for guard locking up to PLe.


Additionally, large machines require many access points where maintenance personnel cannot be seen, posing the risk of unexpected restart. Similarly, confined spaces such as vats and mixing silos can pose a risk to any personnel attempting to enter them.


Food and Beverage processing

Why Fortress products are perfect for the Food and Beverage industry:


The highest level of safety


Our interlocks meet the highest level of safety. Many of our interlocks are certified independently by TUV to PLe. Our amGardpro range is even rated to PLe for guard locking, so there is no need to fit two interlocks on gates as amGardpro is so strong that one is enough.

Our customisability ensures you can create an application which meets your exact safety requirements to ensure your people get the highest level of protection. Talk to our safety experts to help you navigate complex safety standards and ensure your people get the best possible protection.

Key Food and Beverage Applications

Food Mixer – Hygienic Guard Locking





Fortress 有一个IP69等级的、经A3认证的防护锁定 方案,设计用于冲洗 环境,使搅拌器保持锁定状态,直到安全打开。





机器  冲洗 环境中的控制



通常情况下,将机器 控制放在冲洗 区域之外,以防止因频繁接触水和清洁剂而导致故障。这可能导致效率低下,甚至在靠近危险的地方没有紧急停止 按钮的情况下出现危险情况。


Fortress 有不锈钢IP69等级,可配置的控制站,适合在冲洗 环境中使用,有各种按钮、灯和紧急停止 。







洗模线 - 生产力的提高





Fortress 有不锈钢非接触式联锁,具有行业领先的错位功能,以防止在机器 过程中出现滋扰性跳闸,同时在门打开时仍能保证操作员的安全。





蒸馏和酿造 - 气动安全





Fortress 有电气、气动和液压动力的隔离装置,然后可以将其纳入一个截留钥匙系统,以防止进入,直到所有电源被隔离,并且安全监视器或定时器显示可以安全进入该区域。


Trapped Key Product



Guard locking Product



Learn more about the safety standards, and watch the Fortress Webinar for the Food & Beverage sector.

Other Hygienic and washdown applications





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