About the application


The customer is a global leader in contact lenses. As part of the production process, boxes containing contact lenses are picked and stacked by robots before being sent off to packaging.

The challenge


The guard that allows access to the area where the robot operates is equipped with a sensor that signals whether it is open or closed.


However, there wasn’t a system in place that was able to


a) keep the guard locked


b) prevent the guard from closing while personnel are inside the cell


This does not allow the robot cell to meet local regulations. However, a machine upgrade would require a significant investment from the customer.



The solution


Fortress recommended the installation of interlock blocking devices (IBL) from the Osbourn range. IBL devices are equipped with a personnel key and a guard blocking plate to prevent a guard from closing while personnel are inside the safeguarded space.

This solution not only allowed the customer to meet the requirements set by local regulations, but was also cost-effective, with considerable monetary savings compared to a machine upgrade. Five IBL units were installed at this specific site, but the customer showed interest in adopting this solution at other sites globally.

Step by step process


1. Each device comes with a personnel key. When the key is present, a metal plate prevents the opening of the guard.


2. Upon removal of the personnel key, the guard blocking plate rotates, allowing operators to open the guard.


3. At the same time, an interlock blocking plate is driven by rotation, preventing the guard from closing while personnel are inside the safeguarded space.

Step by step process of how Osbourn is utilized on a robot cell




Why Osbourn?


Osbourn devices are unique solutions that:


• do not require wiring or modifications to existing machines


• are easy to install thanks to integrated mounting plates


• prevent the guard(s) from closing


• provide a personnel key in situations where a proactive inhibit function is not already present


Alternative solutions


This solution successfully resolved a challenge for a specific customer. Fortress can accommodate alternative setups and/or multi-range options. Share your application details with us so we can design a bespoke solution to meet your needs.