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When we ask our customers, we see convenience valued as the most important feature of operator controls. When operating machinery, having the device which controls operation local to the machine maximises productivity and response times. Fortress configurable operator controls can be customised with safe and non-safe I/O to provide all of the functionality required for a task in one easy to install the device.

Benefits of Operator Controls

Benefits of Operator Controls


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Hardwired Operator Control

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Networked Operator Control

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Multi-Functional Networked Operator Control & Access Control



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‘From push button stations for integrated I/O control to two-handed controllers’,

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Integrate Access Control into your Operator Control Device!



Control WHO can perform specific tasks with your hardware. The RFID badge feature (shown in white) can be added to any networked device using PROFINET or EtherNet/IP. 






This can be retrofitted to any existing interlock system to control when a logic controller or PLC unlocks based on the user who requests access – ensuring only trained personnel are performing specific tasks.

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