What is Fluidsentry?


Fluidsentry is a range of fluid power isolation and indication products that control and isolate the flow and pressure of fluid power systems.


Fortress Fluidsentry products ensure downstream fluid pressure is safely returned to tank or exhausted through redundant means to protect against single point of failure.


Fluidsentry’s monitored valve technology is designed as an interface between the fluid power operation & electrical safety circuits of machinery. The dual monitored safety valve systems are suitable for applications up to Category 3 and 4 in accordance with ISO 13849 & AS4024.1.


Why Fluidsentry?


Fluid power through hydraulics and pneumatics is a reliable and highly accurate method to apply, move, and remove loads. With all systems, a level of risk is presented as fluid power holds a load in the transition between motions – the primary motion to apply the load, and the secondary motion to remove it.

If hydraulic and pneumatic pressure is lost during this transition, failure modes can result in unexpected and unpredictable motion, with consequent risk of injury for operators.


Protection against fluid power hazards must be designed to the same requirements as electrical systems. Fluidsentry valves are used to eliminate workplace accidents and ensure machine operators are kept safe especially during the most hazardous operations.


Safety redundancy – devices offered with dual channel safety and dual channel exhausts (pneumatic) and tank outlets (hydraulic)

Retrofittable – easily integrate this technology into your system

Robust & Durable – products are built to guarantee a long operational lifetime

Fully Serviceable – with a “single tool swap” units can be rectified and recertified

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Fluidsentry valves are designed to prevent unexpected start-up or movement of machinery by controlling the pneumatic or hydraulic energy. Once all related safety functions are reset, the valves can restore fluid power to the machinery. Zero pressure monitors are non-adjustable, non-tamperable devices that confirm zero pressure in the system. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

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Ethernet Connectivity Options


Fortress offers an add-on module to enable safety information to be communicated on PROFINET or Ethernet/IP networks. The Fortress networked solutions can incorporate control functions such as pushbuttons, lamp indicators, and emergency stops, as well as interlocks, alongside a monitored fluid power product.


This easy-to install-solution reduces the costs associated with wiring time, panel building, acquiring enclosures, I/O modules, terminals, multi-core cables, and industrial connectors for the monitored fluid power products.



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Fluidsentry systems can be retrofitted into existing Hydraulic and Pneumatic based systems to enable the highest level of safety function to Cat. 4, SIL 3, PLe.

Watch our video to learn more about the dangers of fluid power and how Fluidsentry can help you protect personnel.

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