We are trying to reduce the impact we have on the planet. As part of that journey, we have already done many things including:


  • Putting Solar panels on our roof
  • Ship more on boats and less in Planes
  • Turning off machines at night
  • Putting in continuous improvement to reduce the air leaking on our compressed air lines to reduce power consumption
  • Cycle to work schemes
We are continuing to try and improve our impact with the following projects:


  • Use recycled aluminum for more of our parts
  • Reduce the weight of our parts to reduce carbon impact from logistics
  • Manufacture more locally, we have 4 sites globally and are looking to open more, further reducing logistic impact
  • Find other sources of power for when the sun doesn’t shine in Wolverhampton





These are big projects and can take years to implement. So, to have an impact right away we have signed up to have our carbon impact assessed every year and then offset that through schemes such as tree planting. Presently, this makes Fortress officially carbon neutral, but we want to be a net positive contributor going forward with the previously mentioned projects.