2021 welcomes a lot of new products for Fortress. We have released: retrofittable interlock blocking solutions – helping spread safety keys to more places; the first-ever hygienically approved interlock (the HGL); interlocks rated to explosive environments for use in Zones 0, 1, 20 and 21; RFID safety key functionality to our heavy-duty range – never again is losing a key not only a hassle but a safety risk. Click on the images below to learn more.






Retrofittable inhibit devices: Osbourn



🚪 The devices in our Osbourn range are retrofittable inhibit functions that add safety key functionality to existing perimeter safeguards, protecting operators who work inside the safeguarded space from being trapped inside and from unexpected restart of the machine.



🏃‍♀️ Osbourn is designed for retrofit into unsafe areas where whole body access is possible, but are only protected by a light curtain or a door with a safety switch. A very low cost way of ensuring personnel safety.



❓ Why Osbourn? Osbourn Dorsey invented the modern-day door handle and door stopper!







Explosive Atmospheres: Alfred



🧨 Our new range of highly robust, ATEX approved interlocks are designed for explosive atmospheres and hazardous zones (up to Zone 1 & 21) , which are often found in chemical processes or extremely high dust environments.



⏲  Protect your people and achieve guard locking in these environments for any machines with run downtimes!



 Why Alfred? Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, but after realising this would be used in war, he donated the profits to the Nobel peace prize.







Hygienic Guard Lock: Louis



🥐 The Louis range is designed specifically for the food and beverage industry and includes a variety of non-contact switches, stainless trapped key mechanical only interlocks and the world’s first 3-A approved hygienic interlock.



🚿 For applications with harsh clean in place washdown where hygiene is paramount, the HGL (Hygienic Guard Lock) is designed to last longer and be more hygienic than its counterparts.



❓ Why Louis? He invented the pasteurisation process and is seen as the father of understanding good hygiene.







RFID coded safety keys: RSK




🌌 Our futuristic addition to the amGardpro range introduces the option of RFID Safety Keys (RSK)



🔑 No more lost keys as new ones can be taught without the risk of an old one being found and used to defeat a system as it will no longer work!



✨The open design removes dirt during regular key operation making it perfect for extremely dusty/dirty environments, prolonging the life of the interlock and preventing customer downtime.








Look out for our up and coming products – including additions to our medium-duty line (tGard) and our compact guard locking products (Atom).