This page will explain how to buy products from our fully customisable tGard range of interlocks and machine controls.



1) Assess your requirements


Firstly, you should begin be assessing your requirements and any functionality you may need for your application (eg. machine controls, emergency stop, personnel safety keys etc.)

2) Configure your part number(s)


Next, you can configure your tGard unit(s) by using our product configurator tool!

3) Complete quote form 


After you have your custom unit configured, or if you already know your part number(s), fill out our quick quote form.

4) Fast delivery of product(s)


Finally, Fortress or one of Fortress’ trusted safety solution providers will deliver your customised made to order products to you in weeks, not months.


How to Configure


Our tGard stacks can go from one to ten bays, so the part number is a reflection of what is contained in each bay plus the head, handle and actuator type (at the start) and the quick disconnect type (at the end).


1. THE – Actuator + Head Combined 
2. TRX – Escape Release 
3. TSN – Safety Lock 
4. TSMDL – Solenoid 
5. TEC – E-Stop 
6. TLG – Green Indicator Lamp 
7. TP6 – Blue Pushbutton 
8. TG1 – Red Pushbutton 
9. T2E – Selector Switch 
10. TNR – High Level Coding 
11. TQM – Quick Disconnect 


Product Configurator

Configuration Example, Custom Engravings and Keys

At the end of the selection process, the part numbers drop their “T”, except the firts item. Example:



When creating a tGard stack, the wiring of connections follow rules:  

  1. Safety circuits are in fixed positions on each connector and comprise of volt free circuits for SSR options or are +24v taken from the supply voltage for OSSD. 
  2. Inputs / outputs are allocated from the bottom of the stack, ascending. 
  3. On any one element, the inputs are assigned first, then the output(s). 
  4. Outputs are +24v, taken from the +24v supply, except for volt free options.  
  5. Selection of the connector depends upon the wiring requirements for inputs / outputs / safety circuit of the total stack. 

You can have laser engravings on your control lamps and buttons, these are not part of the part number but just let us know what you want engraved, for example with THCETLGP7P3P1Q8, if you want the white & green buttons engraved just let us know in the form bellow engraving notes: P7: “white push button engraving here” P3: “green push button engraving here”.


View our engraving options here

If you have access keys in your stack you will need to talk to us as differs will need to be aligned. Please go to the contact page.


If you have safety keys, we can assign a differ automatically for you, but end user information is critical for making sure we don’t supply the same end user with multiple differs.


If you require a replacement unit and you know the difference of the safety or access keys you are using, put them in the differ notes for example for THHSNSNSMDUEMP6P7Q9 put: First SN: 32132132 Second SN: 12312312 .

Configurator Links

We have online tools to help you create a part number from our available options or download our pdf brochure to do it by hand.

Do you know which tGard part numbers you need? 

Contact us using the form below so we can provide you with a quote.