Plastic Pellet Drying

White hard grinded plastic comes out of the cyclone of the machine by pneumatic transport into the big bag. concept of recyclable materials, plastic recycling, pellet production plants.

AGV Temporary Guarding

    With Automated Guided Vehicles becoming more prevalent in the workplace roles originally filled by a human operator will change from physically doing the work to supervising robotic processes. Where a human may need to interact with these systems a requirement for temporary guarding based on a risk assessment may be identified.    … Continue reading AGV Temporary Guarding

Automated Palletizer

    Palletising cells require fast access, as boxes can fall relatively often and can cause errors or even damage goods with machines carry on without realising it. So having controls at the gate provides that fast response time when an operator sees a box fall or be misplaced.     While you may want… Continue reading Automated Palletizer

AGV Control Stacks

    AGV’s or Autonomous Guided Vehicles, are becoming increasingly common within Logistics. An embedded control stack within an AGV performs the important function of allowing a person local to an AGV some control over the unit.     At Fortress Safety our control stacks are not only there to fit onto static systems controlling… Continue reading AGV Control Stacks

Depalletiser – 3PL

Depalletisers are crucial machines in the logistics and warehousing sector and are an extremely efficient tool in removing various types of goods from pallets. Due to the nature of the robotic arm, a depalletiser has the potential to cause serious harm to machine operators or maintenance personnel if they are not correctly safeguarded. The Fortress… Continue reading Depalletiser – 3PL