Plastic Pellet Drying

White hard grinded plastic comes out of the cyclone of the machine by pneumatic transport into the big bag. concept of recyclable materials, plastic recycling, pellet production plants.

Construction Materials – Brick Forming

In large brick forming facilities, parallel conveyors can be used to transport bricks between the hazardous forming process to the packaging and palletiser areas.

Construction Materials – Instantaneous Access to a Brick Setter

Instant access to machinery can be achieved with a monitoring only interlock. When whole body access is also being performed in these locations, measures should be designed to mechanically prevent unexpected restart. Learn more about the Fortress Solution in this article.

Brick Setter Safety in the Construction Materials Industry

Learn about the importance of machinery safety in the construction materials industry, including specific tips and best practices for using brick setters safely. Discover how interlocks can help you comply with safety standards and read about common hazards associated with brick setters.