About Battery Manufacturing
and Storage:


Fortress addresses critical safety challenges in the expanding market, delivering solutions in global battery manufacturing and storage applications. We are working on active projects in the UK, US, China, and Nordics.


Our configurable products excel in tough conditions, and we are able to customise solutions for every environment. We understand the needs of our customers and have recently worked on solutions within battery manufacturing and storage that include interlocks free from zinc, copper and nickel, and products uniquely engineered for areas where combustible dusts or flammable gases may be present. 


Why Choose Fortress?

✅  Fully Customisable Products
Configure your units to your exact requirements

✅ Reduced Downtime & Replacements
Reliable devices for your harshest applications

✅ Unexpected Start-Up Prevention
Trapped key for whole body access

✅ Fast & Easy Installation
Networked connectivity options available

✅ Highest Level Of Safety
Solutions TÜV SÜD approved to meet Cat. 4, PLe

✅ Cost & Space Efficient
Integrate interlocks, machine controls & trapped key

Solutions for the Battery Manufacturing and Storage Industry:

Solutions for the Battery Manufacturing and Storage Industry:

Ask us about our stainless steel range of interlocks – free from zinc, copper and nickel.

Fortress has Applications Across the Manufacturing and Storage Sector



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