AGV’s or Autonomous Guided Vehicles, are becoming increasingly common within Logistics. An embedded control stack within an AGV performs the important function of allowing a person local to an AGV some control over the unit.



At Fortress Safety our control stacks are not only there to fit onto static systems controlling large industrial Robots, but they are also compact enough to be used on AGVs. With a wide variety of connection types, communication protocols, and Modular customisable solutions, as well as a proven history of performance, a Fortress Safety control stack is the ideal solution for use within an AGV.



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3PL – AGV Control Stacks
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AGV Applications

To see more on our solutions showing AGV and movable guarding, follow the link below to our AGV Temporary Guarding application.

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amGardpro Control Pod

The basic amGardpro control pod is contained in a small enclosure measuring just 80 mm wide by 110 mm tall, with a depth of 50.25 mm not including buttons. These stacks can contain up to 4 customisable control options with the option of engraving identifiers directly onto the buttons.

Our control options are used in many different industries and are currently in use on AGV units at large automotive companies!

For more information on control options please click on the following link for more information.

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Fortress' Control Options

Fortress Safety offers a wide range of control options and each control option can be further customised via a laser engraving service.

See the below link for more information on control options and engraving:

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Heavy Duty Interlocks 

amGardpro Range

Trapped Key Interlocks 

mGard Range

 Medium Duty Interlocks 

tGard Range

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