Conveyor safety can be very hard to implement with potentially miles of rollers to protect. Cabling can become an issue too with miles of thick cabling being both expensive and a nightmare to install. At Fortress, to help address this, we have our safety rated ethernet control units able to put the conveyors motor system and your rope pulls onto a network, saving you that cabling hassle.

We have seen a trend in the industry towards movable, configurable conveyor systems. For the worlds largest logistics company we have designed a machine controller for each length of conveyor, with daisy chainable E-Stops so that several lengths can be strung together with minimal wiring.


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Heavy Duty Interlocks 

amGardpro Range

Trapped Key Interlocks 

mGard Range

 Medium Duty Interlocks 

tGard Range

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Conveyor Control Systems
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Standards Article - EN 619 & BS EN620

The Safety Standards related to this case study are EN 619 & BS EN620. These standards relate to safety requirements and guarding for stationary belt conveyors and systems that continuously convey loose materials.

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Medium Duty Unit

The medium duty unit allows for customisable control directly on conveyor sections. TUV approved for use in Category 3/PLd applications.

Buttons / Lamps are customisable for allow for range of control options suited for your application.

Quick and easy install directly mounted to aluminium profiles or flat surfaces via the two mounting holes at the top and bottom.

-[Medium Duty]-

Rope Pull Unit

The rope pull unit ensures you have an emergency stop (E-Stop) option along any part of the conveyor, allowing for operators to stop the conveyor if needed at any section. By pulling the rope or pushing the E-Stop this brakes the safety circuits, which stops the conveyor.

By having the rope pull units in place this reduces hardware and still allows for emergency stop options, while having a reduced number of units/pods.

Networked Control Unit 

The Networked Control Unit allows for control options located on the conveyor section. There is options to Daisy Chain the units to control different conveyor sections together, allowing for a quicker and easier solution.

Buttons / Lamps are customisable for allow for range of control options suited for your application.

-[Networked Interlocks with CIP Safety or PROFIsafe]-

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3PL Animation

To learn more, see our animation on Control and Safety in Warehouse Automation and Third Party Logistics.

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