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“Machine architects use the Fortress safety I/O module for applications which require high density I/O to make significant savings to component cost, installation time and panel real-estate





Customised Safety IO Module









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The Safety I/O Module acts as a field device to connect a wide range of inputs and outputs via short, more cost-effective cable connection.  Modules can be custom designed to integrate standard and safety inputs and outputs into a single device, eliminating the need for additional panel-based controls. Devices are compatible with both EtherNet/IP with CIP safety or PROFINET with PROFIsafe based systems.




Solutions are designed for use in up to Cat. 4 PLe SIL 3 applications and offer both IP65 and IP67 protection against particulate and moisture ingress for use in extreme industrial environments.




Each I/O module can house up to Three Dual Channel Safety Inputs for devices such as safety light curtains, enabling switches, safety interlocks or an emergency stop. Devices are capable of housing up to 40 Non-safe inputs and outputs such as push button controls, indicator lights, lamps and switches.




External I/O can be connected via a variety of cost-saving M12; 5, 8, 10, & 12 pin receptacles and offer the full set of variations available for Power and Data connection as our networked interlocks. View this range here.













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Configuring an I/O module can be easy – tell us which devices you wish to link to the I/O module and we can build your solution.






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