The Fortress team takes a look at safety interlocking in areas with hazardous or explosive atmosphere.


We demystify some of the terminology and look at some practical examples from our own experience.

Fortress Alfred range of explosion proof interlocks

Machinery Safety Standards

As always we aim to educate, inform and occasionally entertain.


Take a look at some of the webinar clips below!

Explosive Environments Machinery Safety Webinar Snippets ✂

How To Read The ATEX/IECEx Markings

When looking at ATEX/IECEx Markings, there is a lot to take in.

Alex breaks down each aspect of the markings which makes reading them much simpler!

Explosive Environments Machinery Safety Webinar Snippets ✂

Which Industries Have Explosive Environments?

Explosive environments can be found in a surprisingly diverse range of industries and facilities.

It is very important to be aware of where explosive environments can occur so the correct safety procedures and access control devices can be implemented to avoid accidents.

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