Tired of mounting button boxes? Wish your interlock was smart enough to wire itself?


Well… we’re not quite there but we do have some solutions that will save you time, money and improve efficiency in your production processes.

Watch our 30-minute webinar where we discuss how the right choice of control and safety devices can improve not only your safety, but save money and improve productivity.

We’ll cover a range of options including avoiding wiring by using mechanical devices, handy mounting solutions and improving efficiency through using integrated and networked solutions.

Saving Cost with Safety Webinar Snippets ✂

Why Machinery Safety?

In this clip, we introduce some of the reasons why you should consider machinery safety a priority the core reasons being:


  • Reduce the rate and severity of injuries
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increased understanding of hazardous plant operations
  • Staying legal

Saving Cost with Safety Webinar Snippets ✂

Gains from good safety Financial and Productivity Installation Savings

This webinar snippet explores the financial and productivity gains that can be achieved by implementing good machinery safety procedures and devices. The key savings are achieved though:


  • Installation: both in time and cost
  • Productivity improvements
  • Safety improvements – breaches in safety cost money!

Saving Cost with Safety Webinar Snippets ✂

Cost of Poor Safety: OSHA Citations

What are the costs of poor machinery safety? In this video, we discuss the various different OSHA fines that you can receive due to poor safety or for ignoring safety requirements. Similar fines occur across the world.

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