Zero Pressure Monitoring




“How does the control system know zero pressure is achieved following isolation?”


Zero Pressure Dual and Single Monitors


Zero pressure monitoring provides a single or dual channel means to feedback the isolation status of a hazardous energy system.



Stop Detect Prevent with Zero Pressure Monitoring



Safety pressure monitors have been designed to interface into new or existing safety systems where residual pressure must be depleted. The monitors consist of a non-adjustable preset between 3 & 6 psi switchover on depressurization and 15psi switchover on rising pressure. The pressure monitor incorporates a two-pole positive driven plunger type switch, with positive opening contact pre-approved to category 4 safety applications. A single pressure monitor is suitable for category 2 applications when used in conjunction with another safety function or two independent units are suitable for pressure monitoring in category three or four applications.






“Why Choose Zero Pressure Monitoring?”



✅   Detect Isolation Completion of Hazardous Fluid Power in systems up to Cat. 4


✅   Robust design with Aluminium or Stainless Steel Housing


✅   Positively driven switching contacts for maximum reliability


✅   High pressure operation up to 340 Bar (34000KPa)






Our Solutions



Zero Pressure Monitor Solutions

PM-270 Zero Pressure Monitor

Pressure switch with dual independent monitors

1️⃣ 💨   Pneumatics with Aluminium Housing: PPM-270AG-0D0-MP0

2️⃣ 💧   Hydraulics with Steel Housing: HPM-270SG-0D0-MP0


PM-170 Zero Pressure Monitor

Pressure switch with dual independent monitors

3️⃣ 💨 Pneumatics with Aluminium Housing: PPM-170AG-0D0-MP0

4️⃣ 💧   Hydraulics with Steel Housing: HPM-170SG-0D0-MP0







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