“How can I make cabling savings on an EtherNet/IP or PROFINET connected solution?”




Power over EtherNet (PoE) combines data and power on one single connector, reducing cabling, set up complexity, and associated hardware costs. Power to the device is passed alongside data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling.


Power over EtherNet connector



Why choose Power over EtherNet (PoE)?





✅   No junction boxes. No dependency on local plug sockets for powering devices



✅   Reduced installation costs with a single cable to connect a networked solution to the logic controller



✅   Data communication and device power delivered simultaneously on a single cable



✅   Stable source of power from a single outlet to protect against power outages, potential equipment damage and electrical overload.



✅   Flexibility to add and remove devices and adapt to changing environments without interruption.












Connecting a PoE device to your logic controller





Connecting Power over EtherNet


Connector set: PF81 (d-coded industrial data M12)










🔌   Cables are available for connecting your Fortress device to a logic controller (H) with a Power over EtherNet connector set   🔌





Cables are offered in 05m, 10m, and 20m, where ‘X‘ is cable length.






H‘ connector sets include one M12 industrial data cable with d-coded M12 4-pin to RJ45









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