Power Over Ethernet Interlock


Power over Ethernet (PoE) combines data and power into one single connector, reducing cabling, set up complexity, and associated hardware costs. Power to the device is passed alongside data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling.


This highly efficient method of power is available for our range of amGardpro CIP Safety and PROFIsafe Devices, which include fully customisable control units, interlocks and safety gate switches.


Networked access & control devices have never been easier, cheaper or quicker to install.



Why Choose Power over EtherNet?

Why Choose Power over EtherNet?

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Power Over Ethernet: What Are The Benefits?

Watch our short animated video to learn the benefits of Power over Ethernet!


If you would like to learn more about our range of networked interlocks and how they could benefit you, please click on the next video.

Watch our Product Videos to Learn More

PROFINET/PROFIsafe and EtherNet/IP with CIP Safety

This video showcases and provides an overview of our Networked Safety Gate Switches within our amGardpro range.


If you’re new to Fortress’ networked range, this is the perfect place to get up to speed!

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