Push Button Control Devices – with CIP safety and PROFIsafe



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Networked Push Button Controls


Custom-Design Networked Push Button Control






“Convenience is at the heart of industrial control design.”






We understand the challenges our customers face procuring, installing, integrating and validating push button controls for industrial automation. This is why we at Fortress have innovated our network technology to design tailored push button control solutions which are unique to our customers’ specific requirements. Most importantly, providing a convenient solution which integrates direct communication to PLC control, and provides control functionality alongside industrial processes to maximise uptime and productivity.







Push Button Control devices are offered with either PROFINET or EtherNet/IP protocols for non-safe communication and with PROFIsafe and CIP safety available for safety applications.



Networked operator controls can be designed with any combination of control elements such as buttons, lamps, emergency stops, or RFID


with up to 40 non-safe I/O 


Control Elements


Control components can be custom engraved at no additional cost for instant identification of functionality.






Integrate External I/O to safe or non-safe devices such as light curtains, enabling switches, interlocks or sensors among many more.


with up to Three Dual-Channel Safety Inputs.



Cabled to external IO




Select from a variety of connector set options tailored to your power supply, data communication, and external connection requirements.




“Did you know Fortress can now offer Power over EtherNet?”



Save money with just one connector and one cable on your product. Click here to find out more




Connector solutions are designed for all common topologies from star to tree, and line to ring. Find out more about these solutions here




Connector Sets Networked Products





Customise operator push button control devices to your application.





Push Button Control Devices can be configured into a multitude of designs, from vertical stacks which sit inline with upright guarding, or in a configured array which can be installed at a convenient location.



Fortress mounting solutions provide the flexibility to install against any flat surface.



Push Button Control Examples




And create solutions which provide significant cost savings on installation, wiring and validation.




Two-Handed Push Button Control Devices



Two Handed Push Button Control





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Heavy Duty Interlocking Solutions

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I/O Devices in Action – Download our Case Study below on how customised I/O devices can save costs and installation time.