How can I protect personnel performing whole body access from unexpected start-up?



The RFID Safety Key combines high coding with personnel protection.

Protecting People and Productivity is at the forefront of our values here at Fortress. Our safety keys protect personnel in a host of hazardous, dusty, wet, and volatile environments,  providing a preventative measure for unexpected machine restart.

‘There shall be means to prevent unintentional duplication of key codes’ ISO/TS 19837:2018

When one of these keys becomes lost, misplaced, or damaged, prompt replacement is crucial to ensure productivity and uptime are not affected. However ISO/TS 19837:2018 recommends identical spares shall ‘only be allowed for lost or damaged keys’. 



‘What if spares could be kept on site with no risk of duplication?’



The RSK module utilises RFID to assign and reteach a unique 1 in 4,000,000,000 coding to keys. When keys are lost, modules can be retaught to spares with no risk of ‘those lost keys’ turning up and being operable. And keys can be retaught up to 1000x!

Standard RFID safety key module Solutions







Four-Key Module (H0640000N)


RSK Module with four RFID safety keys, power-to-Lock solenoid locking and LED indication of key status for key unlocked and key removed.



This module is best utilised where up to four operators are entering a safeguarded space and can be integrated with all Heavy Duty Interlock (amGardpro) devices (keys sold separately).


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Two-key module with operator controls (H062P6P7N)



RSK Module with two RFID safety keys, power-to-Lock solenoid locking and LED indication of key status for key unlocked and key removed. Blue and White pushbuttons (typically utilised for ‘Manual Reset‘ and ‘Request to Enter‘ functionality)



Utilise a combined solution of control functions and safety keys for both access requests, safe access with proactive inhibit functions, and manual reset functionality (keys sold separately).



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Standard Key for RSK Module, with a uniquely coded RFID tag teachable to any RSK module. An RLK-SUNS is required for each key position on the RSK device and can be purchased as spares.



Each key can have up to two lines of 10 characters

How does the RFID Safety Key operate?

Each key within the RFID Safety Key system shares series-wired dual safety contacts. If any of the keys are removed from the device, the independent dual channel safety contacts are opened.




Safety Contacts RFID Safety Key






Each key can be secured in the key pod with solenoid locking. Unlocking of keys within a single module is achieved simultaneously, such that all keys unlock at the same time. A yellow illumination indicates when a key position is unlocked.





Unlocked RFID safety Key







RFID safety key modules operate with Safety on Guard. Dual channel safety circuits are opened when the RFID communication is broken between any paired holder and key within the module. A red illumination indicates a broken RFID signal at a specific key position within the module.







Safety Circuits opened key freed RFID Safety Key


RFID Safety Key in action

Integrate the RFID Safety Key into an interlock


RSK is a module within the heavy duty range and can be integrated as part of an interlock.



Retrofit RSK alongside an existing solution


The independent dual channel contacts of the RSK allow it to sit beside an existing interlocking solution with hardwired OSSD or clean contact connection to the control system


Retrofit RSK over PROFINET or EtherNet/IP with integrated operator controls


Easily retrofit networked solutions with RSK alongside operator controls such as emergency stop or manual reset


What if there is a guard locking device already installed?


Retrofitting RFID Safety Key with a medium duty interlock; simply cable the hardwired solution back to the control system to add forced extraction functionality to safe access.


RFID Safety Key in Action


Want to see the locking function of the RSK in action?


Check out this video to see how it works

What if a key is misplaced, damaged, or lost?

Re-teaching a new key is quick and simple

reteach a new key RSK

Follow our downloadable guide here:

Wiring Details for the RFID Safety Key Module



A standard range of pre-wired options are available below with M12 or M23 connection



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