What is RSK?


The RFID Safety Key (RSK) pod is designed to provide a proactive inhibit function using high level coded keys for protecting operators from unexpected start-up.


RSK units can be used as standalone key stations or integrated within an interlock. A pod can host 2 or 4 keys which are solenoid locked. Where only 2 keys are required, the modular design of RSK enables additional control elements to be combined within a key pod.


In the event of a lost key, replacement keys can be easily programmed to the device using a “teach” key. In this process, any previous key codes are erased from the system, thus removing the risk of duplicate keys.



Why choose RSK?

Why choose RSK?

How does the RFID Safety Key operate?


The RSK pod has a set of dual safety contacts. When any of the keys are removed from the device, the dual channel safety contacts are opened. Keys are secured in the key pod with solenoid locking. A yellow illumination indicates when keys are unlocked, while a red illumination indicates a key has been removed.


RSK is a module that can be integrated as part of an interlock or control station within the heavy duty amGardpro range. Pods can also be retrofitted on existing applications where a proactive inhibit function is required.



Keys can lock via solenoids

Range of actuators & escape release options available

Integration into interlock allows configuration to force extraction of personnel safety key before guard unlocks

Top view

Bottom view
Dust can drain from bottom of lock

LED status indication per key
Key unlocked and removed

LED status indication per key
Key unlocked

Safety switch state changes upon "Key Removed"
Keys can be returned to any position

Keys can be engraved for identification

If a key is lost, a new key can be taught


Four-Key Module – This module is best utilised where up to four operators are entering a safeguarded space.


Two-key module with operator controls – RSK Module with two RFID safety keys and I/O pushbuttons (typically utilised for ‘Manual Reset‘ and ‘Request to Enter‘ functionality)



Standard Key – Uniquely coded RFID key programmable to any RSK module. Each key can be engraved and have up to two lines of 10 characters.

reteach a new key RSK


Teach Key – in case a key is misplaced, damaged, or lost. The re-teach function allows RSK modules to clear memory of all previous key codes and replace with new keys.

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Example configurations for the RFID Safety Key Module


A standard range of pre-wired options are available below with M12 or M23 connection. For more information on the standard wiring contact our team of experts.

Four Keys: 🔑🔑🔑🔑


1x M12 10-pin connector: 🔌


Two Keys: 🔑🔑

Two Controls: ⚪+🔵

2x M12 10-pin connector: 🔌🔌


Two Keys: 🔑🔑

Two Controls: ⚪+🛑

2x M12 10-pin connectors: 🔌🔌



Two Keys: 🔑🔑

Two Controls: ⚪+🔵

1x M23 19-pin connector: 🔌


Two Keys: 🔑🔑

Two Controls: ⚪+🛑

1x M23 12-pin connector: 🔌



Two Keys: 🔑🔑

One Control: ⚪

1x M12 12-pin connector: 🔌


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