🚧   “How do you set up a FRANK enabled system?”   🚧




FRANK Set Up is Quick and Simple to get your system online.


To complete your FRANK set up following the installation of relevant Fortress hardware, you will access your Access Control Server via the assigned unique IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5000.

Access Control Server

Follow the operating instructions for ACS Info to ensure the correct parameters are set




In this example, we look at a FRANK system installed to permission based access to an integrated machinery system with two zones and four entry points.

IMS System before FRANK





Identify your Devices



The first step in managing your system is the identification of all Fortress network enabled devices to the local control system using the ‘discover’ function. When all installed devices have been correctly discovered, these can be configured to the local control system using the function ‘Configure’.


FRANK Set Up - Identify and configure devices






Assign Devices to Locations


Each device must be assigned to a location (shown below as 1-4). The locations can be named to easily identify their functionality and position within a facility. This function will allow event data to be associated with particular entry ways or machines.



FRANK Set Up - Assign Devices to locations





Associate Linked locations



Devices may be used to access the same areas, therefore the ‘Linked Locations‘ function allows locations to be synched. In the example below where there are two areas present, operators who enter through door 1 or 3 will be counted as being in the left area regardless of which door they have entered through.



Linked Locations





Associate ‘additional’ device functions with a Location through I/O Monitoring



The FRANK system automatically records events associated with user access requests, doors opening, overrides, use of escape release, and guard unlocking (for more information click here). In addition to this, device I/O can also be monitored to detect functions such as;

  • Use of Emergency Stop
  • Operation of Manual Reset
  • Activation and changing Mode Selection

FRANK Set Up - IO Monitoring Elements





Assign Users to Locations



The FRANK Master controller system can be used to add users into the Access Control System


Access Permissions and Users



Each user’s dashboard lists the locations within the facility to enable easy permission setting.



Assigning Users for FRANK Set Up




📊   Collect Event Data to Track and Gain Insights from User Interactions 📊