Light Curtain and Photoelectric Blocking Device – PBL


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Why Choose the Fortress Light Curtain Blocking Device

The PBL is a Blocking Device for Light Curtain Safety



 |   Blocking Device for Prevention of Unexpected Restart   |


Safety Light Curtains – Photoelectric Sensors – Light Barriers – Perimeter Access Control



Safety light curtains are designed to protect personnel when operating in close proximity to hazardous machinery. They are reliable, easy to install, cost-effective and enable a convenient and intelligent environment for easy personnel access.


However, when entering a light curtain guarded space, protection against unexpected restart cannot always be guaranteed.



“How can I protect personnel from machinery restarting unexpectedly?”



Photoelectric Blocking Device Application Image Robot Cell



Mechanical Blocking Device for Personnel Protection



How does the photoelectric blocking device work



Installation to Light Curtain   |   Deactivation in Normal Operation   |   Key Extraction   |   Prevention of Unexpected Restart   |   Padlocking








Proactive Inhibit Functions



Proactive inhibit functions are a risk reduction measure to prevent unexpected start-up whilst performing whole body access into a safeguarded space (ANSI B11.19-2019).



There are a number of preventative measures which can be implemented for safeguarded spaces to prevent unexpected restart of hazardous machinery, however some are not always practicable.



1. Good Visibility of the safeguarded space and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those entering it


“What happens when obstacles or machinery block visibility?”




2. Presence Sensing Devices to detect personnel within a safeguarded space


“What about large safeguarded spaces – doesn’t this become costly?”





3. Mechanical Measures to block safety circuits from closing (Proactive Inhibit Functions)






Type 2 Body Protection (EN/IEC 61496-1/-2)   |   Single Beam   |   Type 4 Body Protection (EN/IEC 61496-1/-2)







The Fortress Photo-Electric or Light Curtain Blocking Device



Part Numbering the PBL


Common Configurations

PBL2A-1-1-CLSL-MP1   |  PBL4A-1-1-CLSL-MP1   |  PBL2A-1-1-CLSL-MP3   |  PBL4A-1-1-CLSL-MP3 |  PBL2A-3-1-CLSL-MP3   |  PBL4A3-1-CLSL-MP3







“Is the Light Curtain Blocking Device compatible with My Light Curtain?”





The world of safety light curtains and light barriers is expansive.





This is why Fortress have designed our blocking device with every eventuality in mind.





Installation Orientations   |   Light Curtain Dimensions   |   Detection Resolution   |    Light Curtain Guards and Coverings   |   Muting   |   Washdown   |   Offset Mounting






Where are our devices used?

Packaging Technologies   |   Robotics   |   Food and Beverage Manufacture   |   Pharmaceuticals   |   Automotive Production  |   Conveyor Systems






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