Bolt Module – Key Rotation to Linear Motion


The Bolt Module offers mechanical blockage to prevent motion.






How Robust is the Fortress Solution?



Power Interlocking


“Interlocking which directly interrupts the energy supply to the machine actuators or disconnects moving parts from the machine actuators”.

Power interlocking is often overlooked as a means of reducing risk as engineers may focus on gate switches, or presence sensing, but it can offer a cost effective and safe solution in many cases.


Prevention of Valve Rotation



In the images below, the bolt module has been used to mechanically prevent the valve (in red) from rotating (returning pneumatic power to this system) when the key has been removed.




Prevent Return of Electrical Energy with the Bolt Module



The Bolt Module can be used to prevent cam rotation. In the examples below, the cam is connected to the source of electrical power supply. When the key is inserted, the bolt is retracted from the inset profile enabling the cam to rotate. Whilst the cam is rotated, the key cannot be freed from the bolt module, ensuring isolation is performed before key release.



Example Part Number   |   BM1-1-0-CLIN-A-006-022



Example Part Number   |   BM2-1-1-CLIS-A-006-022

How to Design Your Bolt Modules?

How to Design Your Bolt Modules?

Part Numbering the Bolt Module


BM1-1-0-CLIN-A-006-022   |   Bolt with one lock. 6mm Bolt Retracted Length, 22mm Bolt Shot Length






BM3-3-0-CLIS-A-006-022   |   Bolt with three locks. 6mm Bolt Retracted Length, 22mm Bolt Shot Length





BMS1-1-0-CLSN-A-006-022   |   Stainless Steel Bolt Module with one lock. 6mm Bolt Retracted Length, 22mm Bolt Shot Length



BMR1-1-0-CLIN-A-02022-006-022   |   Combine the Bolt Module functionality with a contact switch to detect key trapped and key free states




Example Part Number   |   BMS3-3-0-CLIS-A-006-022