Solenoid Key Switch (SS, MSS) – Controlled Isolation with Run-Down Time


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Solenoid Key Switch Key Features




Control Interlocking with the Solenoid Key Switch



The solenoid key switch is ideal for use in harsh environments for enforcing a run-down time before a key sequence can be performed. Standard switches come in a range of switch currents; 20A, 32A & 63A and with switch contacts (with key inserted) of 2 NO/2NC or 4NC (NO – Normally Open; NC – Normally Closed).




Example Part Number: SS1-1-0-CLIN-V-A02022*





* 20A – A020.. ; 32A – A032.. ; 63A – A063.. ; 2NO/2NC – A..22 ; 4NC – A..40




When operating in harsh environments, we recommend lock protection for switches to prevent ingress of dust and dirt. In the images below, on the right the lock protection can be padlocked for lockout/tagout procedures.




Solenoid Key Switch with Dust Cover Protection

CLDC – Standard Dustcover   |   PLDC – Padlock-able Dustcover






Choosing your Lock Type:



CLIN   |   CLIS   |   CLIL   |   CLSN   |   CLSS   |   CLSL   |   MLIN   |  MLIS   |   MLIL   |   MLSN   |   MLSS   |   MLSL







Solenoid Key Switch with Isolation or Gate Access


The image above shows how a solenoid controlled key switch can be used to access a gate interlock. When the key is removed from the solenoid controlled key switch, the machine cannot restart.









Designing the Right Solenoid Switch for your Environment




Solenoid Key Switches can be supplied for mounting within an existing enclosure, or pre-mounted in an enclosure. Both options are offered with up to ingress protection IP66.



Solenoid Key Switch Part Numbers





SS1-1-0-CLIN-V-A02022-D024PU-V01CB   |   Standard Solenoid Switch for mounting to an existing panel or enclosure.



Download PDF Drawing

Download CAD Model




SS1-1-0-CLIS-V-A02022-D024PU-V01CWP  |  Weatherproof  WP Solenoid Switch to provide protection up to IP66 and for mounting into an existing panel or enclosure.



Download PDF Drawing

Download CAD Model




SS1-1-0-CLIN-V-A02022-D024PU-V01CFB  |   Mild Steel Fabricated Enclosure: FB to pre-mount the solenoid switch into a full stainless steel enclosure for up to IP66.



Download PDF Drawing

Download CAD Model











Sequencing Your Solenoid Switch



Designing a Solenoid Switch (SS) – How does this product Operate? 




Example Operation of an SS1-1-0-CLIN-V-A02022-D024PU-V01CB




Solenoid Key Switch Operation










Mini Solenoid Switch (MSS)




Mini Solenoid Key Switch



MSS-1-0-CLIS-A00302-D024PU   |   Solenoid Controlled Switch



Download PDF Drawing

Download CAD Model




MSS-1-0-CLIS-A00302-D024PU-WP   |   Weatherproof WP Solenoid Switch



Download PDF Drawing

Download CAD Model




MSS-1-0-CLIS-A00302-D024PU-EM   |   Enclosure Mounted EM Solenoid Controlled Switch



Download PDF Drawing










Solenoid Key Switch Application Images





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