What is tGard?


tGard is a compact metal bodied range of interlocks and electrical operator controls. Designed, tested and third-party certified for use up to PLd/Cat. 3 or SIL 2, tGard products come in a 40mm metal housing and are suitable for a variety of manufacturing and industrial automation applications.


Configurable at purchase, tGard solutions can be quickly selected from a wide range of elements to meet your application requirements. Fortress offers ergonomic actuator and handle options alongside escape release elements and trapped keys.


tGard also includes emergency stops, pushbuttons, lamps and selector switches, which can be part of a configurable interlock solution (with or without guard locking) or as a standalone control station.


Key benefits

Fully configurable

3rd party approved to meet PLd/Cat.3

Easy to install

Why choose tGard?

Why choose tGard?

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With eight different body types, tGard stacks can accommodate up to 10 modules. A range of hinging, sliding and ergonomic actuators where the head can easily rotate for flexibility on site.

Having interlocks, controls, e-stop and more in one device can save downtime, as well as reducing installation costs and time.

See some example below:



1. Actuator + Head. The head can be rotated onsite

2. Escape Release. Extensions also available

3. Safety Lock. Laser engraved legend plates can be placed above or below any element

4. Solenoid, safety switches also available

5. E-Stop

6. Green Indicator Lamp. Lamps can be laser engraved with text or symbols

7. Blue Pushbutton. Buttons can be laser engraved as well

8. Red Pushbutton

9. Selector Switch. The rim can be laser engraved

10. High Level Coded RFID option

11. Quick Disconnect, also available with AS-Interface

Are You Looking to Build a Solution from the Medium Duty Range? 


Check out some common configurations of the tGard range to get some inspiration for the kind of interlocks you can create with this customisable medium duty interlock range.


Common Configurations




Click on our “Product Tools” button to design your product today. If you need help or guidance, visit our “How to Buy tGard” page. 


Product Tools



How to buy tGard

Our tGard product range will soon be compatible with IO-Link and IO-Link Safety. 

To learn more and to keep up to date with the latest information on this product launch, please visit our news page below:

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tGard - Configurable access & control for machine guarding

Fortress tGard is the machine guarding solution that can be quickly specified from a range of catalogue elements to meet your requirements. The extensive range of emergency stops, pushbuttons, lamps and selector switches can be built as a standalone pushbutton enclosure or a part of a guard interlock solution (with or without guard locking).

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tGard High-Level-Coded

The team at Fortress have developed tGard High-Level-Coded (HLC), an RFID solution which integrates into the medium duty range of operator controls and guard locking.

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Prebuilt Pushbutton Control Stations for Machine Automation

This video explain our control station products in the tGard range.

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