Fortress tGard is the machine guarding solution that can be quickly specified from a range of catalogue elements to meet your requirements. The extensive range of emergency stops, pushbuttons, lamps and selector switches can be built as a standalone pushbutton enclosure or a part of a guard interlock solution (with or without guard locking).

tGard is designed, tested and TUV approved for use in Category 3/PLd applications. Ergonomic actuator and handle options can be specified alongside escape release elements and trapped keys. Keys can be used to restrict access only to key holders or to provide a personnel safety key so that the guard cannot close behind the operator in a whole body access application.

Quick and easy install is possible when directly mounting to aluminium profiles or flat surfaces via the two mounting holes at the top and bottom. Back of panel mounting is also possible to reduce the need to wire to separate control components in a larger control panel assembly.

Configurations can be specified with M12 or M23 connector options and be ordered with the correct mating cable in a variety of lengths. AS-I safe solutions are also available.


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Key benefits

Configure your own solution

Metal body construction

Simple installation & connection

  • Compact metal bodied system that allows the configuration of various safety interlocking products to the application’s requirements
  • Operator controls can be specified upon order. Delivered pre-wired and pre-tested
  • Efficient installation achieved on aluminium profiles, flat surfaces and back of panels without the need for mounting plates
  • Suitable for applications up to SIL2 Cat.3 PLd
  • Interlock with guard locking options available
  • Suitable for 24V control systems
  • Actuator retention forces of 2,500N
  • IP65
  • Escape release mechanisms can be specified
  • Range of hinging, sliding and ergonomic actuators
  • Aluminium construction
  • Over 6,000 unique key codes possible in trapped key elements
  • Non-masterable & masterable lock options

Fortress’ tGard is the easily configurable access control solution for machine guarding. Contact us for help on configuring your own solution.

A variety of configurator tools are available to machine builders or system designers. These tools allow the required functionality of the application to be selected within a single unit – from guard locks to push button control only units. The slot architecture of the metal bodies allows from 1 to 10 elements to be selected from the catalogue of options. Each variant is then delivered pre-wired to a quick disconnect receptacle or a self-wire terminal arrangement. To start the process of configuring your own, Fortress is on hand to guide on your application.

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  • Create a unique medium duty interlock with all your control functionality within one streamlined device here.
  • Use our Datasheets / drawing generators to create technical files, datasheets, and CAD for your selected product.
  • Convert your unique ITM number into a Fortress part number using our Reference tool
  • Calculate the performance level of your unique safety system using our SISTEMA library
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Access control in manufacturing

Fortress offers the ability to control who can access industrial equipment safely alongside when they can access safely. Data of who, when and where from access events is collated for efficiency analysis.