New – tGard Available Soon with IO-Link Safety


At Fortress Safety, we always strive to be at the forefront of safety innovation. We are happy to announce that we are incorporating IO-Link and IO-Link Safety capability into our tGard products, available in 2024.

What is IO-Link?


IO-Link technology is a means of communicating between the field level devices, providing point-to-point connection of sensors and actuators to the control system.


It enables signal transmission and energy supply, guaranteeing fast and reliable data transmission, making it a solution sought after in many industries, and implemented in a very large number of products.


IO-Link Safety is an extension to IO-Link by using an additional safety communication layer, allowing the incorporation of safety devices.


Why Choose tGard with IO-Link?


Regardless of the industry type or application, tGard with IO-Link Safety can contribute to keeping personnel safe whilst reducing to the total cost of a system.

Whether it is for situations where an existing IO-Link system requires the integration of safety devices, or for new settings in small/medium sized spaces (within a 20-meter radius from the safety master), tGard with IO-Link Safety can be a valuable and cost effective solution.

Below some of the main benefits:


✅ Increased productivity

✅ Simplified installation, maintenance and replacement processes

✅ Increased data availability and accuracy

✅ Troubleshooting via remote diagnostics enabled

✅ Reduced total cost of ownership

Download our new tGard IO-Link Safety Brochure below:

The tGard Range – Configurable Access & Control Solutions for Machine Guarding


tGard is a compact metal bodied range of interlocks and operator controls developed by Fortress Safety. Highly configurable at purchase, tGard units can accommodate up to 10 features and are suitable for a variety of manufacturing and industrial automation applications.


All the products from the tGard range are:


✅ Robust and durable

✅ Fully configurable

✅ Easy to install


Having interlocks and operator controls in one device helps reduce downtime, as well as installation costs and time.



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