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Minimising downtime is critical in automotive manufacturing, so it is vital that maintenance can be carried out quickly, correctly, and safely. Ensuring the right, correctly trained personnel carry this out maximises efficiency and reduces line downtime. With so many people working closely with automated tools, lines, and robotic cells, unique challenges arise.

Fortress can develop end-user specifications to ensure a consistent high level of safety across all manufacturing sites that capture all of the machine-mounted I/O requirements to offer a cost reduction in integration whilst also keeping personnel safe from accidents and injury.


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Automotive Manufacture - Networked Safe Access





Fortress 为控制和安全访问提供量身定制的一体化解决方案,由于通过单一的工业以太网连接,电气安装量最小。








汽车厂按照严格的时间表运行,任何停机时间 ,都会造成很大损失。限制那些经过正确培训和授权的人进入生产线,可以减少不必要的停机时间 ,跟踪这种访问提供有价值的数据,以了解和改进工厂流程。


Fortress 有访问控制 解决方案,与你现有的现场识别程序一起工作,限制未经授权的访问,防止停机时间 ,并提高生产力。






Fortress 有一系列强大的解决方案,可提供安全进入危险环境和在危险环境中使用,被评为IECEX、ATEX和CCCEX的1/21区和2/22区。







Fortress design robust solutions to prevent access until hazardous motion can be brought to a controlled stop. Actuators are designed to protect against high force impacts up to 10kN whilst providing up to +/- 12mm tolerance to misalignment.





Learn more about the safety standards, and watch the Fortress Webinar for the Automotive Manufacturing sector.

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