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The manufacturing of construction materials is very likely to create an extremely dirty, dusty and dangerous environment. Such high levels of dust and dirt can cause unexpected component failures on machinery resulting in downtime and dangerous situations.  

Fortress focuses on providing a robust product to outlast alternatives in harsh environments, most of our customers in brick and concrete manufacturing have our equipment last well over 10 years.

Additionally, large ovens and mixers present safeguarded spaces often with little visibility from the perspective of the machine controls. This means personnel accessing them cannot be seen and using personnel to keys to prevent restart is favourable.

Construction Materials Manufacturing

Why Fortress is perfect for construction material production environments

Key Brick and Concreate Applications


Brick and Concreate

Concrete Mixer - Electrical Isolation





Fortress 有坚固的解决方案,可以集成到现有的电源断路器中,以确保电源被隔离,在进入搅拌机之前,搅拌机已经完全停止。







Fortress 有安全等级的液压动力阀,可用于安全地阻断和放掉所需区域的动力,以响应闸门联锁的进入要求。








如果多个入口都需要单独的安全和非安全 I/O ,那么在制砖设施中安装防护装置的工作就会很漫长。市场趋势已经开始转向与Ethernet/IP 和 的网络连接。 CIP 安全的网络连接,或用PROFINET 。 PROFIsafe 的网络连接,因此,安全防护解决方案提供了这一功能。


Fortress offer network communications for our heavy-duty range to enable CIP safety and PROFIsafe in harsh environments. These solutions allow additional I/O such as Reset and Enter Request to be integrated with no additional cabling considerations.





安全进入可能不总是需要停止运转 ,有些危险可以瞬间停止。然而,在受保护的空间 ,低能见度可能导致意外的机器 重新启动。可以在解决方案中设计机械功能,以防止这种意外重启并保护操作人员。


Fortress 提供集成的机械措施 ,以防止意外的重新启动。Fortress 安全密钥 ,在进入受保护的空间 ,操作员可以将其收入囊中。








Learn more about the safety standards, and watch the Fortress Webinar for the Construction Materials sector.

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