Automated Crane Systems in Steel Manufacture


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⚠ Hazards from poor visibility into the safeguarded area introduce a risk of unexpected start up. This can be especially dangerous in automated crane systems, as the large heavy machinery could cause serious injury to any personnel inside the safeguarded area if power to the machine is not fully isolated.




🔐 To prevent this, Fortress’ Heavy Duty Interlocking solution is designed to easily integrate personal safety keys which act as a proactive inhibit function, allowing operators to take control of their own safety and prevent injury due to unexpected start up.





🔧 Wiring to the point of access isn’t always possible. This is why we offer a fully mechanical alternative for your door entry solution which can implement a strict sequence and ensure processes are followed in the correct order. What’s great about the mechanical systems is that adding in a proactive inhibit function via the safety key is simple. Find out more about our mechanical trapped key range here!







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