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Minimising downtime is critical in automotive manufacturing, so it is vital that maintenance can be carried out quickly, correctly, and safely. Ensuring the right, correctly trained personnel carry this out maximises efficiency and reduces line downtime. With so many people working closely with automated tools, lines, and robotic cells, unique challenges arise.

Fortress can develop end-user specifications to ensure a consistent high level of safety across all manufacturing sites that capture all of the machine-mounted I/O requirements to offer a cost reduction in integration whilst also keeping personnel safe from accidents and injury.

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Automotive Manufacture - Networked Safe Access



Automotive production lines often cover vast spaces leading to a high cost of wiring to access and control points. With custom, at gate, control requirements the cost of designing, building and installing control devices can be prohibitive.


Fortress offers tailored, all in one solutions for control and safe access with minimal electrical installation due to connectivity over a single industrial ethernet connection.


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Automotive plants run to tight schedules and any downtime can be costly. Restricting access to the production line to those with the correct training and authorization can reduce unnecessary downtime, tracking this access gives valuable data to understand and improve plant processes.


Fortress has access control solutions to work with your existing site identification processes to restrict unauthorised access, preventing downtime and improving productivity.

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The solvents used in painting automotive parts often results in the paintshop being classed as a potentially explosive environment. To ensure the safety of operators working there and for the whole plant, all components must be correctly rated to be used in explosive environments.


Fortress has a range of robust solutions for providing safe access to and within hazardous environments rated for use in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 to IECEX, ATEX and CCCEX.


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Industrial 6-axis robotics provide the flexibility to rapidly improve efficiency, speed and accuracy of complex tasks. If these machines are accessed at the wrong moment, the effect could be highly dangerous.


Fortress design robust solutions to prevent access until hazardous motion can be brought to a controlled stop. Actuators are designed to protect against high force impacts up to 10kN whilst providing up to +/- 12mm tolerance to misalignment.


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Learn more about the safety standards, and watch the Fortress Webinar for the Automotive Manufacturing sector.

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