Fortress have worked closely with the food and beverage industry for decades, providing the most robust stainless steel safeguarding solutions to withstand harsh cleaning and jet-wash downs. Our most recent development is the world’s first 3-A approved hygienic interlock – the HGL.


It is critical to prevent contamination and bacterial growth where safeguarding solutions sit in near proximity to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacture.

The quest to find a manufacturer of a safeguarding solutions which can enforce run down times to keep operators safe from hazards, withstand the gruelling clean in place procedures, whilst designed to prevent contaminant growth, is over.


The HGL offers an open, stainless-steel & easy-to-clean design with an 8,000N retention force to prevent unsafe access. FDA approved PBT rubber seals and no metal-on-metal contact guarantee maximum protection against water and foreign body ingress during clean in place procedures.


Louis represents a range of interlocking solutions in addition to the HGL, designed for the harshest cleaning and wash down applications. All products within the Louis range are designed with the highest level of ingress protection IP69 and third party tested and approved.

Key benefits

Extreme cleaning resistance

Minimise bacterial growth

Food safe design

Why choose Louis?

Why choose Louis?

HGL infographic displaying key features

Introducing Louis

Hygienic Guard Lock - Louis

This video guides you through the features, application examples and benefits of using Louis.

Introducing Louis

What is a Hygienic Guard Lock?

This video explains our Hygienic Guard lock in more detail.

Introducing Louis

How does a Hygienic Guard Lock work?

Discover how our Hygienic Guard Lock works in this video.

  • Suitable for applications up to SIL3, Cat.4 PLe
  • Non-solenoid and solenoid solutions available
  • High coded RFID actuator with over 4 x10unique codes
  • Optional safety on guard and safety on guard locking
  • IP67 & IP69
  • High actuator retention force of 8,000N
  • Mounting options available to maximise access to clean product
  • 24V control
  • Stainless steel 316

A Fortress representative is on hand to support you with your application. Contact our team to scope your requirements and find the best solution for you.

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Non-Contact Switch 


The non contact safety switch is a magnetically coded, robust stainless steel IP67 and IP69 proximity switch ideal for any environment which requires wash – down procedures or caustic cleaning.



The simple design of these switches minimises surfaces for contaminants to grow and maxmises accessibility for cleaning.


Non-contact switch

Key Features

Key Features

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