Construction Materials – Instantaneous Access to a Brick Setter

Instantaneous Access to Hazardous Machinery




“Is it safe to instantly access my safeguarded space?”




Monitored-only access can be used for entering a safeguarded space where a run-down time is not required. The hazard inside the safeguarded space is stopped instantaneously by the opening of the guard and can be performed at any time during the process cycle.  Instantaneous stop is not recommended where machine operations cannot be instantly stopped.



“When inside the safeguarded space, how can you prevent the machine restarting?”




If the guard is closed on a monitored device, a manual reset could be performed (resetting of the safeguarding device cancels the stop command). If an operator is inside the safeguarded space, this could put them in a hazardous situation. What options exist to protect against this?








In this scenario, we take a closer look at a brick setter where instantaneous access is required at irregular intervals during the production cycle by up to two operators.


The Fortress Solution integrates two ‘proactive inhibit functions’ to proactively protect operators before entering and whilst within the safeguarded space from unexpected restart.  The forced extraction safety key located at the top of the device forces the operator to remove this key before the guard will allow them entry.







The Fortress Solution


Key Features

  • Robust by Design – we design our solutions to operate and remain operable in dirty & dusty environments
  • Built-in Misalignment – Fortress devices are designed with in-build misalignment to ensure they continue operating even when their mounting locations may become distorted or deformed under normal operation.
  • Maximise Safety Performance  – the heavy duty solution from Fortress is TUV approved for use in up to Cat. 4, SIL 3, PLe Applications.
  • Mechanical Preventative Measures – The Fortress Safety Key keeps operators safe whilst performing whole body access.
  • Offered with a Pre-wired M12 disconnect – save time and costs of installation with a pre-wired connector.