What is Remlive?


Remlive electrical safety warning indicators have been keeping the workplace safe for more than 25 years. Remlive products provide a visual reminder that a circuit is live, reducing the risk of accidents, protecting assets, and speeding up fault finding.


Products can be installed inside control panels with display units mounted on the door, offering protection to electrical engineers and protecting the whole workforce, ultimately saving lives.


They are specified by some of the world’s largest companies across a wide range of industries, including mining, automation, manufacturing, automotive, construction, oil and gas and many more.




Main features of the Remlive range


✅ Quick and easy method of proof of isolation to enhance lockout/tagout procedures.

✅ Display live isolation status on the front of a control panel, reducing risk before opening the door.

✅ Broadest range of voltages and electrical systems supported, 24-1000 VAC or VDC. Up to 690 VAC Cat IV / 1000 VAC Cat III applications.

✅ Low Voltage to the door as standard for maximum safety. Hazardous voltages remain within the cabinet.

✅ Universal Low Voltage Indicators, supporting the maximum range of applications with a single device type and SKU. Extensive global certifications and applications

✅ Simple installation with minimal maintenance required.



RL-24i Isolator Check


Provides the user with a positive check when isolating plant. It provides electrical isolation between the DIN rail unit and the door mounted display unit.  Low voltage (3.8V DC) to the door ensures maximum safety for operators. The door unit is designed to fit through the front of a control panel or switch so the user can see a live/isolation status.



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RL-24i Phase Indicator


A simple way to monitor 3 phase supplies, up to 1000 VAC. The door mounted Display Unit provides users with an indication of each phase and the correct phase sequence or failure(s). There is electrical isolation between the DIN rail mounted Monitoring Unit and the Display for maximum safety.



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