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Some machines in automated warehouses require an access point on every single aisle, meaning a multi-door access system needs to be implemented to allow operators to safely enter the safeguarded space without incurring high installation costs. These access points do not lead into the ASRS system directly and do not need to be EN 528/619 compliant, so Fortress have devised a great solution that is both cheaper to install and extremely safe for operators / maintenance personnel.


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Heavy Duty Interlocks 

amGardpro Range

Trapped Key Interlocks 

mGard Range

 Medium Duty Interlocks 

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Multi Gate Access Control
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amGardpro Heavy Duty Guard Unit

The gate can only be opened once the 'Request to Enter' button has been pressed on the Networked Control Unit. When access has been granted the actuator can be removed from the head of the interlock, allowing access to the gate.

The forced extracted safety key ensures personnel take the key with them inside the safeguarded space, preventing unexpected restart.

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Standards Article - Guard Locking

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Networked Control Unit 

The Networked Control Unit allows for control options located next to the access point. .Request to Enter' permits access to the cell via heavy duty unit.

Buttons / Lamps are customisable for allow for range of control options suited for your application.

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Standards Article: Guard Locking Interlocks – What Should Be Considered When Specifying Equipment?

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Multi Gate Enter Cell

Request to enter


Guard unlocks, gate opens, safety key removed

Safety key taken into area by personnel



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