Paper / Pulp – Recycling Facility

Recycling processes that involve machining paper & pulp can create dust, dirt and often require heavy duty wash-down procedures to clean machinery and remove byproducts. To perform these processes, and for general machine maintenance and inspection, access is required.


Whilst installations can vary, trends often show favour towards mechanical only equipment installed local to machinery, with the energy isolation means installed outside of the area where wash down processes are required.


‘How do I prevent access until my machine is isolated?’



The Fortress Solution


Mechanical trapped key sequences force the user to perform specific tasks in a pre-determined order. In this system, an isolation switch is used to remove the electrical hazard within this machine by rotation and removal of a key. With this key removed, electrical energy cannot be reinstated, however, by inserting it into the door module, access can be achieved. An additional forced extraction lock module forces operators to remove the personnel key before access is granted. This key must be removed to release the actuator.


The stainless steel assembly gives a robust solution for operation within harsh environments where caustic or jet washdowns are present. A mechanical only design ensures all electrical devices within the system are kept separate from the machine in a safe area.


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