EN 528:2021 – Designing a Safeguarding Solution


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and EN 528


EN 528: 2021 Rail Dependent Storage and Retrieval equipment. Safety requirements for S/R machines is a type-C standard that states the interlocking requirements for AS/RS machines. The standard introduces a system of interlocking called key dependence. Key Dependence is the process by which the AS/RS is changed from manual to automatic mode and access into the area is granted.



Let’s take a look at a Key Dependent system discussed in EN 528:2021


EN528 mode selection in ASRS with Fortress products




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1. An external mode selection switch allows you to change the mode of the AS/RS from Automatic to Manual. The key can only be removed when in Manual Mode.

Storage and Retrieval EN 5282. The key removed from the external mode selection switch is taken to the interlock on the moveable guard, this key functions as part of the entry request process and ensures that the door can only be opened from the outside using a key.



3. The same key used to gain access to the area via the interlock is now taken inside the safeguarded space, the door closes and locks behind the operator. If the system being accessed has a manual mode, an internal mode selection switch should be located inside the area, either onboard the machine (if the machine has the ability to carry personnel) or at an emergency control position. Entering the key into this internal mode selection switch re-confirms the manual mode selection and allows the operator to take control of the machine.


Inside the Safeguard EN 528

4. Once the operator has finished work inside the area, he uses the escape release function of the interlock to egress. This function allows the door to be openable from the inside of the area without a key. The operator then returns the key to the external mode selection switch to put the machine back into automatic mode.



Additional Considerations – How to prevent untrained personnel from entering the safeguarded space


RFID features can be designed into the robust solution to set permission based access. Contact our team to learn more.


Access Control EN 528

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