Safety PLCs

Learn about the importance of using a safety PLC in machinery safety and how it helps to ensure the correct functioning of safety-related components. Explore the different brands of safety PLCs and how to choose the right one for your facility.

Safety Relays

Explore the role of safety relays in enhancing the safety of machinery, and learn about the benefits of using safety relays in conjunction with interlocks. Understand the factors to consider when choosing a safety relay, and contact Fortress Safety for expert guidance on selecting the right solution for your needs.

AS-interface: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with AS-i Technology

Explore the technology of AS-interface and how it can be used in interlocks and machinery safety devices to save on installation costs and provide other benefits. Learn about the simplicity and reliability of AS-interface, and how it allows for real-time monitoring and control. Contact Fortress Safety for expert guidance on configuring AS-interface for your safety system.