Go wire-free at your gate with our mechanical keyed access range


Complex control systems and wiring to the interlock can be costly and in some cases, wiring may not be possible.


Mechanical keyed access solutions utilise key sequences to control when access is permissible. When a key is entered into the device, the gate will open, allowing entry into the safeguarded space.

Why choose mechanical access devices?

Why choose mechanical access devices?

An example system:


  1. A Key operated switch (A) is being used to remove electrical power from a machine. The key is in the lock and cannot be removed until it is rotated, this, in turn, breaks the electrical contacts in the switch, turning off the machine. The electrical power for the machine and the key are linked, the machine can only have power while the key is in the key switch.
  2. The key is released and can be inserted into the key exchange (B) which contains three keys that are used to access the machine. These keys are trapped until the key from the key switch is inserted and turned, forcing a sequence.
  3. Once any of these “access keys” have been removed from the key exchange the key switch key is trapped in the key exchange and thus the power for the machine cannot be returned.
  4. The access keys are used to open access points using mechanical door modules (C). While the access points are open the keys are trapped in the locks, preventing the electrical power to the machine while an access point is open
  5. Some of these access points also contain “personnel keys” (D) which can be removed and taken inside a hazardous area during whole body access. This ensures the access keys are trapped, and the door remains open until the personnel key is returned, protecting the key carrier from an unexpected start-up of the machine





Safety Systems were never so easy!


Did you know personnel keys can help protect people performing whole body access to a machine?


Personnel keys, are available with both our trapped key and electromechanical ranges, protect operators performing whole body access from unexpected restart. You can learn more about whole body access here

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Heavy Duty Mechanical Key Access

Learn more about how you don't need to wire to all your access points. Have a Safety PLC release a key to allow access so you don't have to wire to that gate.

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