the Hygienic Guard Lock



 The hygienic guard lock is the worlds’ first 3-A compliant interlock designed to control access to machinery exposed to wash down and sanitary applications




Hygienic Guard Lock - Key Features



“Looking for a robust solution for sanitary access applications or where access control devices undergo intense wash down?”



Ability to withstand a washdown without corroding or wearing prematurely



Ability to withstand full sanitary cleaning and prevent harbourage of bacteria









The Hygienic Guard Lock is Compliant to 3-A Sanitary Standards



3-A maintain a library of design requirements accepted based upon ANSI and accepted by FDA, USDA and state regulatory authorities to ensure the ‘integrity of hygienic and processing equipment’.


Designing to this compliance, we help protect our consumers from the potential risks of food contamination.


Learn more about 3-A here








Why Choose the Fortress Hygienic Guard Lock?





Built to last in extreme cleaning environments




✅   Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel construction


✅   Open design to simplify wash down and prevent bacterial harbourage


✅   IP67 and IP69 rated – tested to perform long term under extreme conditions


✅   Robust design to ensure longevity, avoiding breakages and preventing downtime




Built for safety





✅   Dual channel OSSD safety contacts for applications up to Cat. 4 PLe


✅   High coded RFID link to provide protection against defeat


✅   Locking strength of 8,000N





Designed for ease of use





✅   M12 stainless steel quick disconnects for plug and play setup and built-in override

Hygienic Guard Lock Override

✅   High degree actuator misalignment to protect against guard deformation



✅   Device status outputs via shatterproof LEDs


LED Indication HGL


✅   Installation with just two fixings


Hygienic Guard lock installation





Our Design



Washdown environments in the manufacture of food and beverage are among some of the most difficult to comply with OSHA for food handling as bacteria can be identified in almost any food handling application.


The hygienic guard lock is designed with stainless steel componentry to prevent material leeching and improve ease of cleaning. Metal to metal contact surfaces are prevented using FDA approved materials which can withstand high temperatures, chemical and frictional wear, and prevent absorption of moisture.







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