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Fluid Power Safety Machine Control & Permissions Machinery Safety Services Safe Access Solutions

Fluid Power Safety

Protect people and productivity with the highest level of safety for hazardous pneumatic and hydraulic energy.

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Machine Control & Permissions

Configurable pre-wired or ethernet connected machine control devices make installation quick and simple. Plus, with RFID access control, ensure the right people are performing the right tasks, at the right time.

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Machinery Safety Services

Machinery safety and its associated standards, laws, and regulations can be very complex. We support with tailored training and guidance to help you implement the best and safest solutions.

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Safe Access Solutions

Controlling access to spaces and processes. Ensuring the right people are carrying out the right tasks helps keep people safe, maximise uptime and allows more detailed data analysis and troubleshooting.

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Machinery Safety Services

Customised safety services to fit your requirements


We have a team of machinery safety experts able to answer questions regarding international, European, and U.S. machinery safety standards. We have an array of free safety standard articles and webinars to help you navigate the complexity of the machinery safety standards.


We can provide tailored safety training related to U.S. and international machinery safety standards as well as standards related to specific applications. Contact us if you want to run company wide standards training or would like us to create tailored training for your applications.



Become a B11 LMSS™ Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist


The B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist certification is a five-module remote training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions. This B11 Standards, Inc. certified course will enhance your ability to protect lives and improve your professional competence portfolio.

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Course Modules


B11 Modules
Module 1 - Risk Assessment Module 2 - Risk Reduction Module 3 - Functional Safety Module 4 - Integrating Machines & Robotics Module 5 - LOTO & Electrical Safety

Module 1 - Risk Assessment

Intro into U.S. legislation and risk assessment

Module One takes B11.0 Safety of Machinery as its subject matter and focuses on the risk assessment process. It also introduces attendees to US legislation, regulations and standards in the field of machinery safety.

Module 2 - Risk Reduction

Once you have a risk assessment, how do you reduce risk?

Module Two looks at B11.19 and Risk Reduction Measures.

Module 3 - Functional Safety

The application of safe control systems

Module Three delves into B11.26 and the application of ISO 13849 – Safe Control Systems.

Module 4 - Integrating Machines & Robotics

Increased automation means more complex systems

Module Four covers the growth in automation and robotics and brings the Safety Requirements for the Integration of Machinery into a System – B11.20, along with Robot Safety Standards.

Module 5 - LOTO & Electrical Safety

Lock-Out-Tag-Out and alternative methods to achieve safety

Module Five addresses LOTO and Alternative Methods, as per Z244.1 and NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

Machine Control & Permissions

Do you wish your machine control could be designed in one simple solution with plug and play cabling?



Fortress offers custom designed control devices with
hardwired M12 / M23 connection or PROFINET or EtherNet/
IP networked communication. Networked solutions can be
configured as safe or non-safe I/O modules for external
connections (for example to light curtains, enabling switches,
and many more).

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✅ Fully customisable and engravable (with text or symbols)
buttons, lamps, and switches
✅ Easily integrate an emergency stop and external safe I/O
✅ Self-wired, hard-wired, or network connectable
✅ Robust, durable design utilising metal componentry
for long lasting operation

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Fluid Power Safety

Fluid power solutions from Fortress provide redundant means of operation, monitoring, and a unique cross link technology to guarantee no single component failure can affect safe isolation. Available for Category 4 (Cat. 4) and Performance Level e (PLe) applications. For run down times of a fluid system, zero pressure monitors are available to ensure safety is maintained.

✅ Positively driven dual mechanical contacts for reliable spool position monitoring when compared to alternative technology
✅ Crossed link exhausts to guarantee a path for pressure isolation
✅ Easily serviceable for minimal downtime
✅ Robust design for long lasting operation

Safety Redundancy

Dual Channel safety, dual channel exhaust (pneumatic) and tank outlet (hydraulic)


Can be installed with no change to existing circuits and control valves

Robust & Durable

Built for longevity to guarantee a long operational lifetime

Fully Serviceable 

Easily serviced by our smooth team to maintain smooth operation

Safe Access Solutions

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