Automotive Manufacture Safety – Body Shop

Automotive manufacture safety is incredibly important, however it must not come at a detriment to productivity. Long production lines operating alongside heavy industrial machinery, lots of entrances and frequent access can make gate interlock installation inefficient and costly. In this body shop, complex and high-risk hardwired cabling caused huge delays during commissioning, testing, and installation.


“Our customer wanted a device local to each guard with emergency stop, request to enter, and resetting capability which minimised installation and enabled easy access to maximise uptime and productivity.”


automotive manufacture safety case study using profisafe connected interlocks with guard locking


The Fortress Solution for Automotive Manufacture Safety


The robust amGardpro safety on guard locking with power-to-unlock provides a controlled mechanism to prevent access to this safeguarded space with hazardous robotics until run-down times have elapsed. The single action escape release on the actuator provides a mechanism to override the 10KN retention force holding this gate closed in cases of emergency.


The control and safe I/O within this device are communicated via PROFINET and PROFIsafe to minimise electrical installation to just two cables; industrial ethernet, and power. With ethernet based communication, installation costs no longer limit the I/O capabilities, allowing easy integration of key operating functions, such as a white push button for to request entry, a blue push button for reset, an emergency stop, and a fault indicator lamp.


The portrait design of the Fortress solution makes installing on vertical gateposts simple and prevents hazards from protruding equipment. To protect against misalignment of guards over operational lifecycles, the ergonomic actuator is designed with in-built adjustability of up to +/- 10mm.



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