Metal Shearing – Sheet Metal Material Removal

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Metal Shearing – Sheet Metal Material Removal

Personnel Protection Against Unexpected Restart

Fortress' heavy duty amGardpro range is perfect for safeguarding large and dangerous machinery.  Our completely configurable safety interlocking solution allows specification of functionality to meet the exact requirements of your application. Pushbutton controls, ethernet connectivity and trapped key options can all be combined together into a single device – providing a cost efficient and unique solution.

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Hydraulic Fluid Power Safety Valves

For the highest levels of risk, pneumatic and hydraulic systems require the same dual channel architecture and high diagnostic coverage as an electrical system would to achieve functional safety up to Category 4, SIL 3 or PLe. In this steel shearing application, Fluidsentry will bleed the system after receiving a request to enter signal from the gate interlock, removing hazardous energy and preventing injury to personnel upon accessing the safeguarded space.

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Custom I/O Modules

High-density non-safe I/O can be time consuming to set up and install. Long cable lengths further increase project costs. Whether I/O is integrated or cabled externally to the I/O module, the flexibility of Fortress solutions makes connecting devices simple.

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When multiple operators are entering a safeguarded space, it is crucial to protect each of them against unexpected restart. Our interlocking devices offer mechanical protection for up to five operators with a mechanical safety key. The safety key is pocketed upon entry and mechanically prevents machine restart. Fluid power is often overlooked when designing a safeguarding solution, however to achieve a Cat.4 PLe system, all components within that system must meet the same level of functional safety. 


Network communication on devices using CIP safety or PROFIsafe can offer huge savings on installation time, costs, and complexity. Control elements such as a request to entermanual reset or emergency stop can be integrated with no additional hardwiring required alongside the interlocking solution. 

Does your system require complex I/O inside the safeguarded area? 


Custom I/O modules can be created bespoke for applications to combine both safe and non-safe elements into a single device.