Palletising cells require fast access, as boxes can fall relatively often and can cause errors or even damage goods with machines carry on without realising it. So having controls at the gate provides that fast response time when an operator sees a box fall or be misplaced.



While you may want all operators to access the cell to correct it, do you want them to all be able to change the robots program or reset the robot? Passwords are often used to stop this behaviour but then are written down next to teach pendants. So don’t take the risk of having your programs messed up by using RFID badges to keep control of your process. Our FRANK system can allow exactly the modes required by the person entering and keeps out the people you don’t want to enter at all.




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Heavy Duty Interlocks 

amGardpro Range

Trapped Key Interlocks 

mGard Range

 Medium Duty Interlocks 

tGard Range

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Automated Palletizer FRANK
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Standards Article - Unexpected Start-Up

Want to know more about the Safety Standards related to this case study? Read our Standards Article on Unexpected Start-Up to find out more.

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Safety Standards

A robot related safety standards article is coming soon.

Standards Article - Light Curtains

Want to know more about the Safety Standards related to this case study? Read our Standards Article to find out more about presence sensing safety devices, such as the light curtains used in this case study.

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Light Stack With I/O

High-density non-safe I/O can be time consuming to set up and install. Long cable lengths further increase project costs.

Whether I/O is integrated or cabled externally to the I/O module, the flexibility of Fortress solutions makes connecting devices simple.

Speak to our team to discuss our solutions or follow the link below to learn more!

-[I/O Module Page]-

amGardpro Heavy Duty Guard Unit

The gate can only be opened once the 'Request to Enter' button has been pressed on the unit controls. When access has been granted the actuator can be removed from the head of the interlock, allowing access to the gate.

The forced extracted safety key ensures personnel take the key with them inside the safeguarded space, preventing unexpected restart.

-[Heavy Duty Solutions]-

Networked Control Pod

The Networked Control Pod allows for control options located next to the access point. RFID badge access determines who is allowed to enter the cell and can control mode selection, for example allowing only certain people to put the robot into teach mode. These can be the same badges you use for onsite access but also determine who can access what.

Buttons / Lamps are customisable for allow for range of control options suited for your application.

-[Control Stations]-



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